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Cartehub Enterprise is a solution specifically designed for workers, employees, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and knowledge workers. We satisfy individuals and teams by bringing them healthy meals while at work, fresh groceries where they need it and also take care of their laundry needs.
Enterprise is the solution to meals at work and we aim to build and sustain the culture of eating fresh and healthy meals together in the workplace with no stress. So whether you are an office with staff strength of 10 or 1000+, Cartehub provides a virtual cafeteria that meets everyone's needs by delivering delicious and personalized meals to office teams. Your team only needs to make their food selection from our top-notch restaurants and we deliver all at once to the office in record time.

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Online ordering offers you the chance of getting home delivery. We deliver in 24 hours and when orders are placed before 10am, same day deliveries are made. With our 24-hour service and delivery window, seven days a week to choose from, you can effortlessly fit your grocery shopping into your daily duties.

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Cartehub Laundry services include Dry Cleaning, Launder & Press, Wash & Fold, Hang Dry. We deliver on a consistent and reliable schedule, always between 8am and 9pm. We are available 7 days a week. Book your laundry schedule anytime.

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After you have filled the signup form, we help you set up your Enterprise account based on your needs.

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What We Offer.

We have you covered with our flexible service plans

Discover how easy it is to get your choice healthy meals delivered to you in the comfort of your office and your fresh groceries (raw or prepared) delivered to your desired location. Now you can relax and focus on other important matters while you look good because we also take care of your laundry needs. Isn't that awesome!

Healthy meals at work

Choose your favorite meals from a curated menu of delicious options offered by our world class food merchants every day.

Meetings & Training

You have training, meetings or impromptu gatherings? Whatever the office situation, we'll deliver healthy meals and snacks promptly.

Meal Plans

We help to direct all of your restaurant choices, and customize your menu plans to give you astonishing meals.

Healthy Snacks

We all love to snack! You can access our wide range of healthy snack choices specially chosen for you.

Prompt Delivery

We guarantee prompt delivery and thorough order correctness. Our delivery crew are professionals. No cause for alarm!

Individual Ordering

Hey! You don't have to wait for others, you can place your order as an individual and be rest assured of the best services.

Group Ordering

Your team members can do the task of ordering their own meals individually to a shared cart owned by your company or someone can do it on their behalf.

Personalized Services

You can schedule a delivery schedule. We will deliver food and groceries, pickup and deliver your laundry to you on agreed schedules.
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Who is Cartehub Enterprise for?


We provide a virtual cafeteria that meets everyone's tastes by delivering delicious and personalized meals to office teams. You only need to make food selection as you desire and we deliver all at once to the office in good time.

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Office Admins

Make your employee happy by feeding the team. Cartehub Enterprise is that meaningful input that will seamlessly take the stress of feeding at the office off you so you can literally sit back, relax and enjoy your day at work……everyday!!!

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High Return on investments - No matter how diverse a business is, one common factor that links them daily is the need for the staff to be fed. Eating together is a networking tool which bridges the gap between top and lower level management.

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We cover your healthy feeding at work, supply your fresh groceries where you need them, pickup and deliver your laundry to your satisfaction.
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Cartehub Enterprise

Home-grown nourishment

Bring your crew together for mealtimes they will cherish. Our professional meal delivery is at your convenience.
Kehinde Daniel
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Fresh Groceries

Healthy Groceries when you want it, how you want it and where you want it!
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Vegetal Foods

Appearance is everything

We are available 7 days a week. Book your laundry schedule anytime!
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